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Book launch in Bo-Kaap4 July 2008
Film Production of 'The Writing Circle'

Michael Hutchinson in conversation with Rozena Maart about their latest film production of the book, 'The Writing Circle'.

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Book launch in Bo-Kaap16 June 2008
Illustrated talk: Mix It! Voices of the Bo-Kaap

An illustrated talk of the book Mix It! at the Cape Town book fair.
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Book launch in Bo-Kaap22 May 2008
Launch of Mix It! Voices of the Bo-Kaap

Mix It! was recently launched at an event at Wordsworth at the Cape Town V&A Waterfront.
The author speaks about his inspiration for the book.
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Book launch in Bo-Kaap15 January 2007
Bo-Kaap book launch

The author, Michael Hutchinson, with Helen Zille, the Mayor of Cape Town, and Shereen Misbach-Habib at the launch of 'Bo-Kaap: Colourful Heart of Cape Town'.

6 June 2007
Talk at the Cognoscenti Society

Michael Hutchinson and Shereen Habib gave a talk on 'Bo-Kaap: Colourful Heart of Cape Town' for The Cognoscenti Society at the Athenaeum in Newlands, Cape Town.

20 December 2006
Irishman pens book of Bo Kaap stories
by Nadine Christians

A trip to Zanzibar a few years ago planted the seed for Claremont resident Mike Hutchinson to pen the book Bo Kaap - Colourful Heart of Cape Town, about the Bo Kaap's history and present-day community.

Zanzibar, explained Mike, is the island of spices and the slave trade, and "a lot of people who ended up in the Bo Kaap could have come through Zanzibar". But, it was what he experienced in a slave chamber that first brought about the idea for the book.

"I went down to the chamber with the tour guide and had a real sense of the terrible hardship. The whole experience lasted about 10 minutes but seemed longer. I had a real sense that I needed to do something, right the wrongs." READ MORE...

Book cover - Africa: Speaking with Earth and Sky
October 2005
Book launch at the Grand Roche in Paarl:
Africa: Speaking with Earth and Sky

Africa: Speaking with Earth and Sky won Exclusive Books' Publishers Choice for Christmas 2005. The foreword for the book was written by President Thabo Mbeki.

Grand Roche People attending

Mike speakingBook signing