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Recent books we have published:

MIX IT! Voices of the Bo-Kaap
-Published May 2008

Nestled near to the centre of Cape Town is a dynamic, vibrant, colourful community, which is often overlooked. The Bo-Kaap (Upper Cape), is one of South Africa's historical and cultural gems - walking through the district, it feels as if you are going back in time and you get some sense of what the city must have been like when the Dutch East India Company first brought slaves from Java and Indonesia to work in the newly-established Cape Colony during the 18th and early 19th centuries. The area is also home to the oldest Mosque in South Africa, as well as the oldest Muslim graveyard, the Tana Baru or 'New Ground'.
But the Bo-Kaap is changing... READ MORE

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Bo-Kaap: The Colourful Heart of Cape Town
-Newly published

During the 18th and 19th century over 60,000 slaves were brought to the Cape, from Africa, India, Malaysia and the East Indies. Along with them many political exiles, captured by the Dutch East India Company, were forced to start a new life in Cape Town... READ MORE

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Africa Speaking with Earth & Sky
-Publisher's Choice Exclusive Books 2005

In Africa Speaking with Earth & Sky, author Michael Hutchinson draws from material gathered during the making of several documentary films by Damon and Craig Foster. Working in close conjunction with the brothers, Michael insightfully elaborates on African cultures and traditions, which have been practiced for thousands of years.

The book, taps into a wealth of research and experience, depicting the relationship between Africans and their environment. In it we investigate the subtle balance between man and animal, past and present, the physical and the spiritual. The title of the book conveys the Shamanic concept of many indigenous cultures that earth and sky are one and will speak their truth if we can but listen. Insight into indigenous knowledge is presented, ranging from the skylore of the Dogon people in Mali to the hunting rituals of the San in southern Africa, which helps to give a meaningful understanding of Africa's cultural wealth.

From the forward:

"Africa Speaking with Earth & Sky colourfully explores the idea of African Renaissance, documenting our continent's splendid diversity and wealth of indigenous culture and knowledge... (It) is a testament to the wealth of knowledge and spiritual connectedness that people across this great continent hold with their environment. I am proud to be associated with this beautiful reflection of Africa."
President Thabo Mbeki

"This is genuine, sincere and lyrical stuff..."
The Mail& Guardian

"A most sterling accomplishment... You will want to cheer, or cry, or maybe both!"
The New York Times ***

Educator's Guide to the UNESCO General History of Africa for the FET Curriculum

Taken from Introduction to Educator's Guide to the UNESCO General History of Africa for the FET Curriculum

"Chapter 8 written by Michael Hutchinson [et al] is a most exciting addition to the UNESCO African History Project... The notion of indigenous knowledge systems is explored as this relates to knowledge about astronomy in Africa, and other related areas of spirituality and forms of knowledge." READ MORE